Summer 2017 Masterworks

Summer 2017 Masterworks

September 14th - November 30th


"The title of the show is no exaggeration. The pieces displayed are indeed  “Master” works by the faculty of The Atelier, the relatively new classical art school in St. James, just one year old. In that short time period, the school has emerged as a unique center for teaching and creativity. 


John Traynor is a premier contemporary impressionist painter with an international following, who recently taught a plein air workshop at The Atelier. He is the official artist of the United States Golf Association and displays several works of a local golf course. Each stroke of color works to create a life-like sense of atmosphere as the blues push the horizon far into the distance and the reds and greens warm the foreground. His painting, “Southward Ho, No. 15,” with the white egret observing the peace and serenity of his surroundings, should not be missed.


Christian White, who just finished an outstanding solo show at The Atelier, can truly be called a “Master” of perspective. His depiction of the wandering shoreline, in “Ocean Beach,” captures the moment with a spontaneous and fresh stroke of the brush and a powerful use of color. In this show, he also demonstrates his talent in different media, including charcoal on paper (“the Constabulary”) and graphite on paper (“Study of Julia”).


Bill Graf is an accomplished artist who demonstrates his mastery of figure painting in several works in the exhibition. When one walks into The Atelier Hall, one is immediately drawn to his oil on linen depiction of “Omar.” The face just comes alive and makes the viewer stand in amazement. Together with “Sandra” and “John the Bass Player,” one can understand why he is sought after for his work.


Donna Grossman believes in “embracing art,” and this philosophy is readily apparent in her work. Her oil on canvas work, “The Fiddler” gives the viewer the sensation of the musician’s motion as he plays.  Also talented in pastel, her  “Tuscan Steps” shows the warmth and beauty of the subject. 


Lana Ballot, award-winning contemporary realist pastel painter, overwhelms with her depictions of the waves of the ocean. Her works immediately transport the viewer to the beachfront. One guest remarked, “I can almost feel the cold ocean water on my feet.” Her ability to use pastel color to demonstrate the translucence of the water is amazing.


Kevin McEvoy, the Director of The Atelier, studied at The Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. His life-sized painting, “Carly,” is captivating, her almost unearthly beauty glowing in a white silhouette against a stark black background. Her back is turned to the viewer, but she daringly meets the viewer’s eyes in a simultaneously seductive and haunting look in this psychologically intense piece. Kevin’s artistry with light is particularly apparent in “Tea Kettle,” where the physical properties of light dance on the thick impasto built up in the reflections of the tea kettle. 


Last but not least is the sculpture collection from Gwen Marcus, an outstanding contemporary sculptor whose work is shown worldwide in museums and private collections. Gwen’s ability to capture motion and emotion in bronze make her work widely sought after. “The Tempest” is displayed as a 28 inch high bronze. A separate study of its hands is also shown, slightly larger than life size, in an incredibly detailed and anatomically accurate expression of emotion. 


The sculptures compliment the magnificent paintings, perhaps the “best ever” art exhibition in our community. What The Atelier has accomplished is truly amazing and an indication of great things to come.  This exhibition should not be missed!"


                                                                       - Stephen C. Vlay