Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists

In Celebration of Student Artwork

Open for Public Viewing December 7th, 2017 - February 1st, 2018

Featuring Artwork By: Haley Akl, Christina Apicella, Barbara Beltrami, Dorothy Carroll, Linda Catucci, Ben Cisek, Patricia Cisek, Patricia Coppola, Christine Dupuis, Cynthia Federico, Audrey Fink, Shannon Foley, Katie Fowler, Annie Foxen, Faye Guerico, Josiah Harvey, Daveen Herley, Melanie Howe, Tyler Hughes, Katerine Jennins, Julia Lamarca, Andrea Larmor, Ariel Meltser, Loraine Moore, Elinore Perez, Vito Perrone, Joan Rockwell, Saul Rosenstreich, Lewis Sawatsky, Camie Weniger, Ellen Winter, and Cindy Zhou.

Thursday night's opening reception was a joyous occasion, as proud instructors, family and friends gathered to celebrate the artwork of our talented students. The Atelier looks forward to more shows like this, so that more students can have the opportunity to showcase their work to the community in years to come. We welcome you all to come see the product of our students' hard work, utilization of classical techniques, and artistic inspiration this Holiday Season in our Emerging Artist's exhibition.



Central image collage, from left to right:

Melanie Howe, Reflections, Oil on Canvas, 21 x 17

Katherine Jennings, New England Christmas, Oil on Linen, 18" x 24"

Julia Lamarca, Rebra Zooster, Ink on Paper, 19" x 24"

Tyler Hughes, Poise, Oil on Panel, 26" x 34"

Shannon Foley, Falling, Charcoal on Paper, 36" x 70"