Portrait and Still Life Painting

Bill Graf
The Atelier at Flowerfield (location info)
Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
05/06/20 - 05/27/20 (4 weeks)


Portrait:The portrait model used will be the same as the drawing, this way the students who choose this method can transfer the drawing from the drawing to the canvas (also demonstrated) 
The demonstrations will be broken up into three segments: 2.) toning the canvas to match the average value of the models skin tone. Once established, the drawing of the portrait will begin using a brush as in the demonstration.
2.) The block in of the flesh tone over the line and tone finished in the previous stage.
3.) Refinement and finishing of the portrait, sometimes the most crucial stage in the painting.
Still Life: showing students how to set up and compose a simple still life.
A video of the instructor setting up a still life will be presented during the live feed and questions can be asked during this process. After the still life is composed the instructor would then begin the online demonstration that will be recorded and the students will have the ability to play back the demonstration after class. Paintings should not accede 11” x 14” unless the student is set up at home for larger canvases!

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