Plein Air Painting with Pastels

Lana Ballot
The Atelier at Flowerfield: Studio 12 (location info)
Tuesday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
05/08/18 - 06/20/18 (8 weeks)

Painting outdoors is an invaluable experience for any artist, and especially for those interested in landscape. During this class we will focus on how to make our time outdoors a productive and enjoyable experience. 

We will learn and practice:

- selecting a scene with most potential for a successful painting
- creating a strong composition by simplifying shapes in the landscape 
- using color layering techniques to achieve depth, texture and luminosity

We will discuss how to use our plein air studies and photo reference to create studio work that retains the freshness and spontaneity of a plein air piece. 

Group demos, discussions and individual help will provide the opportunity for growth for students of any skill level.

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