Ben Fenske: Comparative Anatomy


Ben Fenske: Constructing the Figure

Summer Workshop 2019


The Atelier is thrilled to welcomeback Ben Fenske for our for a second year to teach comparative anatomy. With a brash brushstroke and a heedless celebration of color and light, Fenske captures informal moments of contemporary life in the spirit of the 19th and 20th century impressionist painters. Although a native of Minnesota, he has been working and living in Sag Harbor, New York and Florence, Italy for the last 7 years. His work is regularly exhibited in shows across the US. Fenske has been the subject of countless national articles, notably the American Artist Magazine which included him as one of the Best 25 Living Artists in 2012.

His work emanates sponteneity, but a deep understanding of anatomy is crucial to his figurative work. In this workshop, Ben Fenske will teach students how to construct the figure, with a focus on the theory and abstract conception of the figure through the memorization of specific anatomical points and surface references. The goal is that students may learn to draw the figure with or without the model. Ben’s technique of figure construction is a combination of his studies at the Russian school in Florence and his own studies on artistic anatomy. 



Ben’s techniques for simplifying and memorizing visual cues on the figure will help you to work efficiently, accurately and simply.  Students can expect:

  • Lectures and demonstrations each day on the body- the core, arms/legs, a review of the head, hands and feet.

  • Time each day working from the live model with Fenske’s guidance

  • There will be a huge amount of information distilled from his studies-  anatomy, plane memorization and modeling techniques, methods for crosshatching to indicate form, and of course, proper proportion measurement method.


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Instructor: Ben Fenske

Time:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dates: Monday, August 12 - Friday, August 16

Price: $600.00

Class Length: 5 Days

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Class size: 15

*When registering, be sure to select the "Summer Workshops 2018" semester.

*If you have any difficulties or questions during the registration process, please feel free to call 631-250-9009.


Supply List:

Sketchbook   8.5x11 or bigger

Colored pencils  various colors for marking notes 

A few hb pencils