Students will be invited to apply in Winter of 2020 for the Apprenticeship year beginning in Spring II Session in May 2020.

Fellowship Program





The purpose of our fellowship program is to raise up students that produce high quality artwork that may in future years be able to contribute as teachers or professional artists on Atelier commissions. In this program, selected students will be given the opportunity to put the Atelier study into full time-practice.  Students will have the opportunity to take classes Monday - Friday morning at the Atelier.  Students will be expected to also attend (and pay for) drawing events such as the Art of Jazz and (when ready) Open Figure, as well as Art History Lectures, Open Houses, and Openings. 


A one year commitment from each student is required.


There is very limited availability for this program. Please carefully read all requirements before applying. To apply, please send a letter of purpose to Margaret at operationsdirector@atelierflowerfield.org. If we are interested, we will contact you to set up a portfolio review and interview for the position.


If accepted, the fellow's program of study for the next semester will be designed by Kevin McEvoy and will require a minimum of 4 classes per week.  Students will have the opportunity to re-apply after one year, up to a maximum of 3 years.





Available to: 

  • Second Year students
  • Students that are invited to apply


Year long Program:

  • 3-4 classes per week in classes running Monday - Friday 10-1pm, plus one afternoon class.



  • A commitment to a full year of study
  • Attendance to 3/4 classes a week
  • Attendance to Art of Jazz, Art History Lectures, Openings, Open House, and Open Figure Nights - Students will be required to pay for the weekly drawing events
  • Volunteer 4-8 hours of time per week



Each Semester the Atelier will review the applicants scholarship and reserves the right to revoke the scholarship.  


Students are judged on:

  • Financial need
  • Level of dedication to their studies
  • Attendance
  • Overall Performance
  • Attitude in the studio
  • Availability to Volunteer when needed
  • Overall Willingness to contribute to the Atelier at Flowerfield community in a positive way




Purpose of this program:

  1. To provide an affordable opportunity for serious young artists to immerse themselves in the Atelier program on Long Island
  2. To raise the caliber of artwork at the Atelier at Flowerfield
  3. To begin a class oriented program that will hopefully develop students into professional roles of teaching and also working on larger paid commissions that the Atelier hopes to attain in the future.


This program does not cover:

  • Drawing event fees for Art of Jazz and Open Figure
  • Portrait model fees
  • Individual Art Material expenses