Advanced Figure Composition with Kevin McEvoy: The Fisherman


Whereas other courses are specifically focused on particular content, such as still life, this dynamic course differs in that it is an invitation to paint alongside our Director Kevin McEvoy as he himself begins a new, large scale figure painting, "The Fisherman".  Specifically designed for students who want to study with Kevin McEvoy and explore figure compositions that go beyond the realm of academic study, this is an advanced course and should be regarded not as a single semester course, but rather as an ongoing branch of study.


The object of this course is the synthesis of the genres of clothed figure, still life, interior, and/or landscape, the product being a single or multifigure composition within the context of our everyday world.  Students will be closely studying Joaquin Sorolla's working processes, and will specifically be focusing on the painting "Pescadores Valencianos", and how Sorolla progressed from rudimentary sketches, to highly developed studies, to plein air color studies, and on to the finished piece.  And so in this course, Kevin and students will progress from sanguine and chalk sketches of fishermen at the ocean, to plein air color studies of the ocean, to working from a model of a fisherman in the studio, to creating (or purchasing) custom sized canvases, to synthesizing all the elements in one final work.  The end goal of this couse is not that students walk away with a painting of a fisherman, but that students open up the world of the "figure in context".  Posed with new problems and forced to forge new tools and solutions, this course aims to equip artists to paint the artistic possibilities in the world around us: commuters standing on a train platform, the busy kitchen of a restaurant, a musician performing in a jazz club.


In the vein of the 19th century ateliers, and in keeping with Kevin McEvoy’s training at a historic atelier in Europe, this course makes frequent use of the sight size approach to seeing.

"Sight-size when properly understood is not a mere measuring technique, but a philosophy of seeing. Rather than focusing on detail, the student learns to observe the motif from a distance and convey the visual effect. Mastery of sight‑size leads to qualities of characterization and handling that are inherent to the technique.
- Charles Cecil, Florence, Italy



Instructor: Kevin McEvoy

Winter Monday Afternoon Class

Time: Mondays 2:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. 

Start Date: Monday, January 8th, 2018

Semester Length: 8 Weeks 

Price: $580 (includes model fee)

Class size: 4-6

Be sure to check the Class Calendar for closings, holidays and room numbers