About Our Organization



/ˈætəlˌjeɪ; French atəlje



an artist's studio or workshop


The Atelier at Flowerfield Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation having 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

The Atelier at Flowerfield was founded in Spring of 2016 for the purpose of providing to the Long Island community and metropolitan area:

Professional and personalized training in drawing and painting for artists at all levels of achievement 

A warm environment designed by artists for artists enriched by music, poetry, and dance

A comprehensive curriculum of lectures, classes, workshops, and museum tours which are offered by a well-known, respected resident and visiting faculty

State of the art facilities for artists to work, teach, and and interact with each other as a community of artists using The Atelier Painting Studio, its Artist and Sculpture Studios, and its Exhibition and Lecture Studios

The opportunity to associate with and develop joint programming with local, regional, national, and international artists arts organizations



The Crossroads of Art and Community

Leaning over a large, rough stone, gliding the end of the chisel back and forth in a figure eight motion, the marble sculptor wipes the tip of his chisel on his apron. He holds the chisel up to the sunlight and squints his eyes, silhouetting the form of the chisel, to assess if there are any inconsistencies or burrs. He then gently glides the chisel along the woolen back of his arm, and a path of hair is cleared. He smiles in affirmation, and softly says “This is how you sharpen a chisel, my friend. Now you try.”

The man is a craftsman from Pietrasanta, Italy and comes from a long line of sculptors and stonemasons who trace their stone carving lineage back centuries. While he hands the aspiring artist the chisel, an epiphany occurs, and the aspiring artist suddenly understands that an atelier is thousands of craftsmen, over thousands of years, passing along thousands of small tricks and methods, just like this. To attempt to pin down such things into the verbal constraints as a textbook would be as unsuccessful as trying to retain the ephemeral beauty of a butterfly by pinning it in a glass case. These things are observed, and passed on, from person to person, from artist to artist. The aspiring artist suddenly understands why, for millennia, ateliers have consistently produced the highest caliber of craftsmanship. From Grecian statues on the island of Rhodes, to large altarpiece paintings in the studios of Rembrandt, to the mosaic and glass studios of Louis Comfort Tiffany, ateliers have always been the crossroads of art and community.

The Atelier at Flowerfield (sometimes “The Atelier”) is a place where artists from diverse backgrounds practice their professional crafts of drawing, painting, sculpture, mosaic, faux finishing, and beyond. Aspiring artists watch these masters work at their craft, and learn by observing how a professional sculptor squints at forms to simplify their shape, how a portrait painter uses a badger brush for backgrounds, and switches over to a sable brush for the soft contour of the underside of a woman’s chin, and how the faux finisher lightly dances his hand over the surface of a wall, so as to simulate the growth pattern of moss. The Atelier at Flowerfield is the Crossroads of Art and Community, and in this vibrant, exciting place, aspiring artists learn to how to accomplish great things, by working with and observing highly skilled artists and craftsmen.

Creative individuals from different backgrounds come to weekly events at The Atelier, and watch the way in which a cellist tightens his bow for a playful staccato passage, and loosens his bow for a more somber tone; aspiring poets listen to published poets recite the sing song passage of a Robert Frost poem, the cadence of their voice echoing the plodding steps of a horse’s feet. Conservators from world class museums offer interactive lectures on large screens, reaching out to the community to advise them as to how a personal collection of paintings can best be preserved for future generations; lecturers from professional website development firms offer search engine optimization tips to artists, musicians, authors, and poets from all backgrounds; a local hand specialist surgeon offers a mini workshop on the anatomical construction of the hand, so that students can better paint and sculpt the hands in their works.

Drawn by the expertly designed natural light studios to The Atelier at Flowerfield, artists from every background, with widely divergent styles and educational approaches, all unite under one roof to offer a comprehensive artistic training. From the local scene, to the national scene, to the international scene, all artists alike come to The Atelier for short or extended stays, and offer workshops and semester long artistic programs. And while these artists instruct, they also produce their own works in the beautiful, state of the art studios available to all artist members of The Atelier.

Once the last brush stroke has been placed, once the final line has been penned, once the last blow has chipped away at the marble, The Atelier at Flowerfield looks to partner with kindred museums, galleries, and community centers, libraries and historical organizations, to exhibit and feature the craft of The Atelier artists. This reciprocal relationship brings much needed art of the highest caliber to the nearby institutions, while enabling the artist base at The Atelier at Flowerfield to offer their creative works to the community at large.