Oil Painting 101

This class is for any student intimidated by walking into the classical atelier. Donna Grossman has put together a simple course to make you feel at ease with the language, methods and materials used in a classical environment. Students will learn basic skills, such as working with a limited palette and exploring value, color and composition. This relaxed and informative course is designed to set you on a path to the next level of painting and help you discover the world of portraiture, still life and plein air. A trip of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Enjoy the journey.


Instructor: Donna Grossman


Spring Time: Monday, 10:00am-1:00 pm

Spring Start Date: May 1st

Spring Class Length: 4 weeks

Spring Price: $220 (Please note, prices are adjusted for late registrants)


Summer Time: Monday, 2pm-5:00 pm

Summer Start Date: July 10th

Summer Class Length: 6 weeks (Please note, no class on Monday August 14th)

Summer Price: $330 (Please note, prices are adjusted for late registrants)


Level: Beginner-Advanced

Class size: 4-10

Be sure to check the Class Calendar for closings, holidays and room numbers.